AL 0808-R Classic Nurse Call System Bed Side Call-Reset Unit

AL Call reset unit is the part of communication between patient and nurse/staff and located on patient bad side. The unit has emergency call and reset buttons on it and has the feature of continues illumination benathe the emergency call to be found easily in the dark ambient. There is a RJ-45 socket interface on the unit to connect patient hand set and can be covered by an decorative cover for hand socket input input for use of without hand set.Unit allows easy assemble - disassemble of CAT-6 cable by non-screw teminal block. Unit has two RJ-45 inputs and CR input is used when illumination module is not utilized and when illumination unit is used LC input is utilized.


  • Anti-bacterial, elegant, ergonomic cover
  • Continues illumination beneathe the emergency call to be found easily in the dark ambient
  • Lock socket for easily disassemble and reassemble of the hand set
  • Decorative lock socket when handset not in use
  • Double RJ-45 connector interface
  • Easy installation and mounting
  • SMD card design
  • High quality and reliability

Operating Voltage:

12 VDC

Protection level:


Standby Current:

1.5 mA (+-%10)

Alarm Current /Reset Current:

3.5 Ma-5 mA

Operating Temperature:

-10oC +50oC

Lighting Component:


Assemble Type:



CAT-6 cable



Weight: ~

65 gr.

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