NCS-1000 Classic Nurse Call System PC Software

Classic Nurse Call System PC Software is the graphical user interface software for classic nurse call system. Regular call, emergency call, code blue calls, interventions adn reset positions can be observed on the interface. It can generate sound according to call types. Program has advanced features like working on the network and forwarding among services. It can operate individually or AL204515 nurse call panel. 

Software program produces and keeps detail records like;
Staff and patient instant information
Insertion floor graphics to reach beds and patient's information
Defining priority call lists 
System configuration from GUI
Historical call records ve monitor


Windows based friendly user interface
Instant monitoring of staff and patient information
Reaching bed and patient information via floor graphic interface
Monitoring all calls and interventions
Different sounds for call types
All system configuration via GUI
Monitoring all calls on the server by network configuration 
Forwarding among services
Historical call reporting and storage
Turkish menu and different language support
Remote monitoring
Recording patient's daily evaluations
1 GB Ram
160 GB HDD
Turkish operation system
10/100 MB  LAN
19inch Monitor 

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