AX-08/8 Conventional Fire Alarm Panel

C-1000-4-08-16 Conventional Fire Panels Designed with 4 zone 8 Zone 16 Zone SMD circuit board applications and has been developed.

Online information of fire or malfunction on the panel (zone) appears basis. Where the system is installed the building is divided into sections. This partitioning can be done in terms of building or at some times. Wiring system, made according to the number of zones to be created. Up to 20 sensors can be connected to each zone. Fire alarm button can be used as desired. Sounder cable from the panel can be drawn separately. Cabling system, the creation of regions, the placement of elements to be used in the system is done as shown in the diagram below.

Providing economical solutions for small-scale applications, with a modern exterior and surface mount technology conventional fire alarm stations are produced by production techniques

Design and test in accordance with EN54
Membrane panel
Failure and alarm indicator for each zone
24V battery capacity
Standard alarm and failure relay outputs
External 24V DC power supply output
Reliable and fast communication
Grounding failure indication
Power and battery failure indicators
Evacuation key
Keypad key
Zone deactivation
Testing by one person
Interoperable with all convetional systems
Repeater panel connection
Zone test
Day/Night mode
Supervision of all failure codes
Sounder activation by evacuation button
On-wall installation
Sounder deactivation via silent button
Detection zone 4,8,16
Detector limits for each zone : 20 units for smoke, heat and flame detectors
Detector limits for each zone : no limit for gas and beam detectors and call point buttons
Standard EN54
Panel Supply: 220 (+- 10% ) VAC 50/60 Hz
Operating Voltage: 24V DC
Operating Temperature:  -10°C  +50°C  (%95 Hum.)
Protection level: IP 30
Application Area: Indoor use
Battery: 2x12VDC 4Amph.
Battery charge current: 0.5MA
Output Circuits:
Fire Alarm Outputs
Voltage: Max: 27V DC
Current: 400mA
Adjustable Relay Contacts(NO/NC)
Sounder Output:
Observable (4.7Kohm)
Voltage: Max: 27V DC
Current: 400mA
Adjustable Relay Contacts(NO/NC)
Front: 540x420x175 mm
Rear: 510x420x135 mm
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