I-1006 Intelligent Sounder

I-1006 Intelligent Sounder is designed and developed to fully compatible with I-1000 intelligent fire panels. It can be programmed in accordance to fire scenarios. I-1006 is an addressable sounder which can be easily mounted by the use of two part red enclosure. The equipment provides 85 dB sound output at a radius of 3 meters where center is the mounted place. With the ABS plastic chasis, the connections can be made before plugging in the chasis.


  • Intelligent detection and communication protocols
  • Compatible with fire scenarios
  • With or wihout flasher options
  • High quality and reliability.
  • SMD board design
  • Aesthetic design and easy montage
  • 2 year warranty



Protection level:


Operating Voltage:

24V DC loop voltage(+-%10)24 V External Supply.

Operating Current:

50mA Max,  3 mA Min

Operating Temperature:

-25oC +50oC

Sound Output Level:

75dB~85dB (2.8 KHz)

Enclosure and Color:

ABS, Red


1 double pole and external feed


Dia.: 95mm*95mm

Weight: ~

120 gr

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