I-1003 Intelligent Dual Heat Detector

I-1003 Intelligent Dual Heat Detector is designed and developed to fully compatible with I-1001 intelligent fire panels. When the heat sensitivity level and the stable responses to different types of smokes are considered, I-1003 Addtessable Dual Heat Detector is an ideal fire detecting equipment which can be used in every applications. Detector complies the sensitivity levels defined in EN 54 standards. The equipment is addressed by hand held addressing device.


  • Intelligent detection and communication protocols
  • High quality and reliability.
  • SMD board design
  • Rapid heat and adjustable heat detection feature
  • 360 degreee dual LED
  • Aesthetic design and easy montage
  • ABS Plastic body
  • Indicator connection
  • Suitable for indoor use.
  • 2 year warranty



Protection level:


Operating Voltage:

24V DC loop voltage(+-%10)

Operating Current:

5mA Max,  0.8 mA Min

Operating Temperature:

-10oC +50oC

Coverage Area:

50 m’ Normal 20 m’ High Risky

Enclosure and Color:

ABS, White


1 double pole


Dia.: 100mm Height: 50mm

Weight: ~

120 gr

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