I-1002 Intelligent Combined Optical Smoke & Heat Detector

I-1002 intelligent combined optical and heat detector is designed and developed to fully compatible with I-1001 intelligent fire panels. I-1002 is a multifunctional equipment governing all the functions of heat and smoke detectors in its structure. It performs fast and trustable responses by strong built-in smoke and heat analysing algorithms. Detectors can be addressed easily by ALFAMAX hand held programming device.


  • Intelligent detection and communication protocols
  • High quality and reliability
  • SMD board design
  • Smoke and heat detection
  • 360 degree 2 Red LED indicator
  • Esthetic design and easy montage
  • ABS Plastic body
  • Indicator connection
  • Suitable for indoor use.
  • Enclosure and Color: ABS, White
  • 2 year warranty



Protection level:


Operating Voltage:

24V DC loop voltage(+-%10)

Operating Current:

5mA Max,  0.8 mA Min

Operating Temperature:

-10oC +50oC

Coverage Area:

50 m’ Normal 20 m’ High Risky

Enclosure and Color:

ABS, White


1 double non-polar


Dia.: 100mm Height: 50mm

Weight: ~

120 gr

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