C1010 Conventional Beam Detector

C-10010 conventional beam detector is designed to compatible with Alfamax C-1000-4-8-16 conventional fire alarm panel and other brandmark conventional panels. It can be integrated to intelligent fire alarm systems by using zeno supervision module. C-1010 is a kind of beam detector that uses reflective infrared beam. Depending on the place 1-4 reflectives should be used. Internal processor allows analysing of environmental data and it decides system configuration and compansations. It can do static algoritism by using LED and signal via output terminal. Detector sensiblitiy can be adjustable to enlarge monitoring area. It has 12-24 VDC and 220 VAC options. Integrated transmit and receive module provides low cost of cabling using high effiecient reflector. It has multifunctional and advanced microprocessor controller as well as sensibility treshold feature.


  • High quality and reliability.
  • SMD card design
  • 12-24 vDC and 220 AC options
  • Aesthetic design and easy montage
  • Integrated transmit and receive module lets cabling cost lower
  • Advanced microprocessor controller
  • Sensibility treshold value
  • Operatian and fault LED indicators
  • protection area 15mt-100 met
  • Monitoring/Protection area 15-100 mt. / max.1500 square meter
  • ABS Plastic body
  • 2 year warranty



Protection level:


Operating Voltage:

24V DC

Operating Current:

5mA Max,  0.8 mA Min

Operating Temperature:

-10oC +50oC

Protection Area:

max.1500 m’

Enclosure and Color:

ABS, White


1 double pole 1 double extrenal feed


250mm x100mm x 100mm

Weight: ~

220 gr

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