BRIGHT X FLO Emergency Lighting Luminary

Bright-X P is an emergency lighting luminary is used as life safety emergency lighting.
In case of emergency and power failure Bright-X FLO has capability to endure about 3 hours by using its 3 AA Ni-Mh cells. It has 2 or 2 8W florescent and can operate in case of emergency or permanently
Alfamax Bright-X P workes as emergency lighting and exit sign. It works with AA type Ni-Mh cells and lasts about 3-5 hours. Alfamax Bright-X P actives in case of general power failure or fire/earthquake etc.


  • Heatproof decorative ABS plastic body
  • 1 or 2 8W florescent lamps
  • Emergency ligthing or permanent use
  • Easy assamble and disassemble
  • High-voltage protection
  • 3-5 hour of durability using 3 Ni-Mh cells
  • SMD card design
  • High quality and reliability

Operating Voltage:

220-250 VAC


2 W

Assemble type:


Operating Temperature:

-10oC +50oC


8 ultra bright LED


3*1.5 NY


270*180*40 mm/300*230-40mm

Weight: ~

500 gr.

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