I-1051 Addressable I/O Module (relay module)

I-1051 intelligent addressbale I/O module is designed and developed to fully compatible with all fire panels. I-1051 I/O modules active emergency systems in the fire security systems. Modules act as a interface to other systems like heating, air conditioning, emergency exits, elevators etc. Relayed modules can be positioned to monitor input terminals and detectors. It can monitor two different equipment. It can activate fire dampers, ventilation system, air conditioning etc. Relayed module supervizes alarm, on-off condition, grounding. This module uses the same fire detection loop and allocates one address. 24V DC power is needed for the module.


  • Intelligent detection and communication protocols
  • High quality and reliability
  • SMD card design
  • Failure and alarm indicators
  • Different fire scenary support
  • 2 different supervision support
  • 2 relay output
  • Aesthetic design and easy montage
  • 2 year warranty



Protection level:


Operating Voltage:

24V DC loop voltage(+-%10)24 V External Supply.

Operating Current:

500mA Max,  3 mA Min

Operating Temperature:

-10oC +50oC


Yellow : Failure / Red: Alarm

Enclosure and Color:

ABS, White


1 double pole and 1 double external feed


Dia.: 120mm*80mm*40mm

Weight: ~

150 gr

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