The fundamental principle of ALFAMAX company since its inception in 1989 is to promote the
growth and development of the company - the priority of product quality aimed at meeting the needs of
customers. We are disciplined, understanding the goals and objectives of the ALFAMAX team, striving to
gain the trust and respect of our customers, making efficient use of resources and the most advanced
technologies for providing high-quality products and services. Without dwelling on what has been
achieved, we are striving, along with leadership in the domestic market, to become a popular brand in
Europe and throughout the world, offering products that meet world standards and keep pace with the era
of emerging technologies. Our goal is to become a world-class company.

Our Mission
&Our Vision

We are here to develop, produce and offer the electronic technologies that improve the quality of building
structures and facilitate the life...

Our Vision

Become a leading company that develops, manufactures and offers technologies for electronic structural
equipment in Turkey, Europe and the Middle East.